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Free vs. paid websites:
Which is right for you?

Data Transfer Limits

A free or almost-free site is good if you expect your site to be very popular -- and you don't want to pay extra "data transfer" charges. This is important if you'll be showing photos, videos, sounds, etc. that mean transferring a lot of data each time someone visits your site. Free sites may limit your data transfer per month and/or the size of each photo, video, etc. -- and cut off the site when the limit is reached. (Check the company's Terms & Conditions.)

If you don't expect to be a Web Superstar (not yet, at least), you probably don't need to worry.

Estimate your data transfer ( can help you) -- and measure it once your site is online.

Unless your site is really popular, you probably won't have a problem. (If that happens, it's a nice problem to have! And data transfer is usually pretty cheap -- especially if you upgrade to a better hosting package.)