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  3. Data Transfer Limits
  4. Advertising
  5. Site-Building Tools
  6. Domain Name
  7. Changing Hosting Companies
  8. Email Address(es)
  9. Tech Support
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Free vs. paid websites:
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Technical Support

How much support will they give you -- technical, logistical, ...? If their server crashes, will they restore your site, or will they say "tough luck, buddy"? Because you're usually locked in to a specific domain name and site location with free servers, you may need to be ready to solve your problems yourself, use an online users' forum, or wait...

Technical support varies from company to company and type to type. When you're having a problem or you notice that your site is down in the middle of the night, 24-hour phone support can be nice. (1&1 includes 24-hour toll-free phone tech support. Their first-level support peple don't always solve my problems, but they often do... and I can get answers if I persist. To be fair, though, the amount and quality of support you get for a package that costs just a few dollars per month is amazing.)