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Sample Websites

Cartoon of man surfing W.W.W. There are many different ways to build a website. For instance, the website you're seeing now comes from a website template purchased (for US $20) from, edited to fit this site. The graphics and photos came from the 1&1 Graphic Archive, which is included with most 1&1 hosting packages.

Many of the websites show what you can build and update yourself. (Here's more about how these sites were built.) There are many other possibilities; these are just some samples of what you can do. For instance, we might decide that most or all of your content would fit better on a blog (Web log) than on a standard website. Or you might want to maintain the site for you.

Please browse through these sample sites:

  1. Restaurant, in both English and Spanish
  2. Terry Garthwaite, a musician
  3. Susie Peek, violinist
  4. Bella Sonoma Design, jewelry
  5. Singing Heart Creations, greeting cards
  6. Alicja Mann Waves, a blog
  7. Gallery Susan Alexander
  8. Garden Art Tucson, tile designers
  9. Information site (uses blogging software, though it's not a blog)
  10. Linda Aragón, photographer

Here are some websites made by our clients.