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How we help you make your own website

Dentist and assistant If you're comfortable using a computer (Windows or Mac or Linux), you've visited a number of websites, you read and send email, and you use a word processor for basic work (copying and pasting text, making headings, Italics, ...), you can use those same skills to make your own website!

(If some or all of those might be a challenge, a computer-savvy family member, co-worker, or friend can work with you.)

We'll guide you through the one-time technical setup, then help you get familiar with a website building tool that's a lot like your word processor. Once the website is set up and running, you'll "have the keys": you can leave the site as it is... update it often... or turn the job over to someone else (a professional web designer, for instance) if you want to do even more.

These sites aren't high-end totally-custom sites that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You won't be locked into a high-priced monthly contract. A site of your own, including email, costs as little as $3.99/month -- or you can choose a site that's completely free! Here's some of what we'll discuss -- answering your questions and preparing you to do much of this work on your own (or together, if you'd prefer):

  • Evaluate your needs: discuss what you need and choose a setup (a point-and-click or hand-edited website, blog, wiki, email, ...) that will get you there.
  • Make a plan: Pick a design. Choose the types of pages that will get you started right -- and leave room to expand later, if you'd like to.
  • Get online: Find a domain name ( and a company to host your website -- or choose a completely free site. If you choose email (,, ...), help you set that up.
  • Help people find you: Choose wording (keywords, phrases) and a clean site layout so the all-important search engines (Google, Yahoo, ...) will find your site. Discover web rings, directories, and other sites that will link to your site -- so those sites' visitors can discover yours.
  • Graphics: Find free photos and graphics online or take custom photos of you or your business, help you make a simple logo, optimize photos to look their best and load quickly online, ...
  • Test: Be sure your site works on various computers and browsers, and that you can send and receive email.
  • You're online, and you "have the keys"! You'll have customized instructions (that we've developed together) to help you maintain your site and get help in the future -- from, from the technical support (often free) at your web hosting company, or from anyone else you choose. You'll be in control... you aren't dependent on someone else to maintain your site (and charge you what they will).

Dentist and assistant Contact us and let us tell you more! Or visit our home page (and other pages on the site). Thanks.