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About owner Jerry Peek I'm Jerry Peek, the company owner. Thanks for your interest in! I'll introduce the company, the relevant parts of my background, and finish with an overview of what can do for you.


Two-thirds of US small businesses don't have websites -- which is a shame because so many people now search the Internet to find products and services! From helping friends with personal sites, I know a couple of reasons:

  • There's a "learning curve" to set things up right -- technically, in the site design, and so that search engines like Google can find you.
  • Professional site designers -- who do everything for you -- tend to "lock you in" to their service and charge more than some people can justify paying.

I knew that complete websites and email can cost as little as $4 per month. And point-and-click website-building tools let average computer users manage their own sites. I decided to help people set up their own sites. As soon as I mentioned this idea to friends, they swamped me with business! I worked for free at first -- to learn what people needed and be sure I could provide that. It all went well, and clients recommended me to others... so I launched the business in June, 2008.

My background

I've written and taught computer classes for beginners through experts, written eight books about computing and the Internet, done photography since I was a kid, and I've managed websites since the mid-1990s. My Masters degree in Computing Science is from the University of London, Birkbeck College.

With all of that technical background, though, I still enjoy working with non-technical people. (And, by the way, most of my friends are not tech experts.)

How we work is here to make websites affordable. Depending on what you need, you'll probably pay much less than for a typical web designer. And since you can do a lot of the work yourself (and learn as you're doing it!), you'll save even more. Different people need different amounts of help, so we charge for the amount of time we spend.

We work together, discussing the options, looking ahead to what you might want to do in the future as well as what you need now. (We work as partners.) Once the site is ready, it's yours. In the future, if you want advice or would like to make changes, you can come back to or go to another web design service.

You won't pay until your site is set up and you're happy. (You'll pay a website hosting company separately if you aren't using a free service.)

Questions? Please contact us. Thanks for reading.